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Safety Rules

These rules can be amended for private groups and big games. All amended rules must be approved by management staff prior to the event.

Violating ANY of these rules can lead to your immediate ejection from the park with no refund. Repeat offenders to our safety regulations will be banned from the park.

  1. NO outside paint or airsoft BBs allowed. Field paint & BBs only!

  2. All players must wear approved FULL FACE MASK / GOGGLE SYSTEMS at all times past the neutral areas, “Goggles On” areas, of when in the target range testing your marker.

  3. No shooting into or out of the registration area, neutral zones or parking areas.

  4. All markers must have BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES on while in these areas. BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES are not squeegees, rags or towels. Markers may only be discharged on the playing field or in the target range. Barrel blocking devices will be removed on the field of play ONLY when permission is given by a REFEREE.

  5. Do not shoot the wildlife.

  6. Do not shoot at airplanes, parachutists, automobiles, transport or maintenance vehicles.

  7. No climbing trees or structures.

  8. No physical contact whatsoever.

  9. No potentially dangerous gear. Players may not bring any form of tools on the playing field. No types of firearms, pyrotechnics or explosives are allowed. The manger must approve all personal equipment.

  10. Avoid field hazards. Players should avoid all hazards such as fences, ruts, and vines. Players should report any field hazard to the field operator.

  11. Do not construct booby traps.

  12. NO ALCOHOL or ILLEGAL DRUGS allowed on the premises. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

  13. Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas.

  14. No verbal abuse.

  15. Do not attempt to remove any components from the rental markers or other rental equipment.

  16. No blind shooting. Players may only shoot at what they can see.

  17. ALL REFEREES decisions are FINALNO players will be allowed to argue with any referee.

  18. Spectators must wear full face goggles / mask with ear protection unless behind safety netting that has passed a safety certification process. The spectators must be 2 feet back from the netting and not be leaning against it.

  19. Semi Auto mode ONLY on the field of play. No turbo, burst, full auto or debounce modes.

  20. Paintball must chronograph at 285 FPS or under. Airsoft must chrono at 400 FPS (.20 BBs) or under. Players will be randomly checked throughout the day to ensure full compliance.

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