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About US

Paintball is one of the most enjoyed sports of all time. However all Paintball fields are not created equal. At LOCK & LOAD PAINTBALL FACILITY we create a very unique experience for our customers.

Lock & Load has been the premiere Pennsylvania place to go for nearly ten years, providing people of all ages with a gun and a moving target. It spans well over 200 acres of prime Clear Creek Forest real estate.

Due to it's close proximity to the forest, our paintball maps contain everything you could want in field topography. We have open plains, dense woods, long-built forts, and inflatable arenas, each packed with their own barriers, walls, and cover, both man-made and natural. The courses are diverse with enough defenses to give you the experience of being on the battlefield. What they may lack in number, however, they more than make up in size.

Lock & Load offers a fun, friendly and safe environment where all participants are handled with experienced customer service oriented field officials. They are totally committed to the success of your group outing and offer customer support and advice on strategy, air gun firing and player tips. The field officials also promote and enforces the game and safety rules of the Paintball facility.

Prior experience is not a prerequisite here at Lock & Load, nor is the ownership of your own personal gear. We provide your paintballing equipment, from masks and guns to ammo and body armor all at a premium price. Our staff is always on hand to answer questions, give tips, and help with whatever the customer may need.

So whether you’re a beginner or a master we will offer a mind-blowing experience that will be fully enjoyed and long remembered for years to come!

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